At seminar will discuss about Erasmus+ program possibilities in facilitating employment


Today, an international seminar in Jūrmala gathers representatives of Erasmus+ project from 16 countries, as well as policy makers and social partners. For two days, the workshop participants will share their experiences, acquaint themselves with examples of the best practices and discuss how to strengthen the impact of Erasmus + projects on facilitating employment and collaboration with the world of labour.

Project implementers from school education, vocational education, higher and adult education sectors participate in the workshop. The focus is on linking education to the labour market and the role of each education sector in facilitating employment within the possibilities of Erasmus+ program. The participants will jointly gather information on solutions how to increase the impact of Erasmus+ projects on employment by establishing cooperation between various education sectors.

At the end of the event, the European Commission representative Oana Felecan will present the current events related to the preparation for the new Erasmus+ program implementation period 2021-2027. It plans to double the program’s total budget from EUR 14.7 million to EUR 30 million and to triple the number of participants from 4 million to 12 million people.

The international workshop is organized by the State Education Development Agency (VIAA) and takes place at the Baltic Beach Hotel in Jūrmala.

The Ministry of Education and Science is the ministry responsible for implementation of the European Union’s Erasmus+ program in Latvia, while the VIAA and the Agency for International Programs for Youth ensure introduction of the Erasmus+ program.