Study visit about effective school management


From October 9-13, 2017 the Latvian National Agency for Erasmus+ organizes a transnational thematic activity – a study visit “Effective school management, e.g. cooperation with local and national authorities, inclusion practices for minorities etc. in school and VET education”. The study visit is organised within transnational cooperation activities between Erasmus+ National agencies.

Profile of participants:

The study visit will gather SE and VET representatives from local and national authorities responsible for education policy, school leaders, policy makers who are interested in the related theme and in sharing their expertise and experience, as well as professional networking that could lead to future cooperation and education development.

The study visit plans to involve participants from Malta, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Estonia, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Themes and goals of the event:

Latvia has continued to implement comprehensive reforms in general and vocational education since regaining of its independence. In general education a new competence-based education is being gradually introduced. The initiatives are being implemented for the modernization of vocational education and training and facilitation of the 50/50% proportion of upper-secondary students in general education and VET. General schools (at ISCED 1-3 including bilingual and special education institutions) are public (95%) and private (5%). It is also possible to obtain compulsory education in vocational schools, in the schools providing education for children with special needs, in evening or boarding schools. Basic education programmes for minorities are provided via bilingual education model in the Latvian, Russian, Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Hebrew and Byelorussian and it comprises special education programmes as well.

The study visit will focus on concrete examples and initiatives of school management, the scope of school heads autonomy as well as the role of municipalities in the provision of education. The study visit is also aimed at facilitation of discussion about the topic, exchange of experience and networking of participants.

Expected results:

The participants will learn about the organisation and governance of the education system in Latvia, meet representatives at national, regional and local level, visit education institutions that are good practice examples in terms of school management, organisation of bilingual education, share experience and participate in discussions.

Draft Agenda: ?d=Study_visit_Draft_programme_EN_for_participants.pdf