Eurydice is an institutional network for gathering, monitoring, processing and circulating reliable and readily comparable information on education systems and policies throughout Europe. Eurydice covers the education systems of the Member States of the European Union, the three countries of the European Free Trade Association which are members of the European Economic Area, and the EU candidate countries involved in the Lifelong Learning Programme.




CareerGUIDE for Schools is a network for professionals involved in guidance and careers education at schools. The aim of the network is to promote cooperation among schools. The network has been established within the framework of the EC Comenius programme. Guidance, counselling and education professionals can join the network by registering online.




Guidenet is a network for European experts on educational and vocational guidance and counselling (EVGC). Guidenet offers members of the EVGC community the opportunity to establish contacts among a broad spectrum of guidance and training organisations in the EU, EEA and EU candidate countries. Guidenet was established as a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project. The management of the network has been taken over by the European Commission's Euroguidance network.





EUROPASS assists employers and training providers to document skills, knowledge and work experience acquired by people in mobility in a transparent and easily understandable format. The network provides five sets of tools developed to reflect qualifications and competences as understood in the European Community. Individuals can also use the EUROPASS CV to demonstrate their education, experience and skills to potential employers.