EuroSkills 2010

  • from 9th to 12th December in Lisbon, Portugal (FIL territory)
  • 27 countries
  • 52 professions
  • 500 competitors
  • 800 evaluators, experts and observers
  • 9 000 hours competition
  • 50,000 m competition area
  • 2,000 people involved in the organization
  • 50,000 visitors
  • multi-faceted international conferences and seminars

Latvia’s participation in EuroSkills Lisbon, Portugal 2010

Profession Name, surname Institution
Hotel reception service specialist Linda Štāle „Hotel de Rome” 
Mobile robot technician Bruno Bremmers Rīgas Tehniskā koledža
Kristaps Melderis Rīgas Tehniskā koledža
Waitress Baiba Īvāne Restaurant „Vincents”
Waiter Kārlis Mugins Restaurant „Bergs”
Painter Kaspars Vītolnieks   Limbažu Profesionālā vidusskola

Statistics about the Latvian team in EuroSkills 2010 

Hotel reception service services 

Mobile robotics
Cooking and restaurant services 

1 gold medal

2 silver medals

2 excellence medals

  • from 6 contestants 5 got medals 
  • for outstanding achievements also indicate team's overall performance, compared to other countries, Latvia award proportion in the number of contestants ranked in 10th place out of 27 Member states