Research Projects - open call is closed

The overall objective is to enhance research-based knowledge development in Latvia through research cooperation in basic and applied research between Norway and atvia. The Research Activity strengthens bilateral relations with the aim of stimulating long-term cooperation between Latvian and Norwegian research institutions, heircapacity and competence-building.

Thematic areas 


Research projects cover the following thematic areas:

a) Social Sciences and Humanities;

b) Health, including pharmacy and biomedicine.


The research sub-fields according to the Common European Research Classification Scheme (CERIF).


Binding regulations


EEA and Norway Grants Regulations, EEA and EEA and Norway Grants LAW, Cabinet of Ministers

Regulations, Guidelines etc. see here.




The Project Promoter may only be a Latvian entity duly registered in the Latvian Register of Research

organisations and corresponds to the definition of the Research Organization.


Call for proposals



The Research Activity provides one open call for proposals covering the amount available under the

activity – EUR 4 435 556, out of which EUR 3 992 000 is covered by the Norway Grants co-financing and

EUR 443 556 is covered by the state budget co-financing of Latvia. Call documents here:


Project co-financing amount


Project cofinancing consists of the programme grant and co-financing of the project promoter to the

following ratio:

  • Programme (Norway Grant + Latvian budget) – 92.5%;
  • Co-financing from the project promoter – 7.5%.
Grant amount


Available grant amount: 

  • Minimum programme grant is EUR 60,000;
  • Maximum programme grant is EUR 1 million.
Programme Committee


In January 2015 the Programme Committee approved 11 Projects for Norway Grants co-financing.

Approved Projects

The list herenfi_p_tniec_bas_projekti_research_approved_eng.pdf?d=files/news/19646/nfi_p_tniec_bas_projekti_research_approved_eng.pdf

Bilateral cooperation


In addition, project promoters may receive the funding from the Bilateral Fund not exceeding EUR 5 000 once per project upon request during the project lifecycle to participate at or organise partnership events in Norway or Latvia, to participate at partnership events organised for several recipient countries together, to develop joint proposals for EU Research Programmes and to promote synergy measures with the Sholarships Activity.


Additional  information

Regulations for Travel 
  • Latvian institutions – see here:
  • Norvegian institutions:
    - for travels abroad (including travel to Latvia) see here;
    - inland travel in Norway see here.
International experts 


There were international experts involved in the Evaluation of the Quality of the Projects of the

Research Activity.

That was stipulated by the Cabinet of Ministres Regulation Nr.324. Every project was evaluated

by 3 independent international experts. The list of Experts see here: list_experts_name_country_jsi.pdf?d=files/news/19646/list_experts_name_country_jsi.pdf


Partnership agreement template


Available here: partnership_agreement_petnieciba_research_template_en.doc?d=files/news/19646/partnership_agreement_petnieciba_research_template_en.doc


The Translation of the Contract*


?d=DRAFT_CONTRACT_RESEARCH_PROJECT_NORWAY_GRANTS_Translation_upd.doc (*The translation of the Contract is provided only for informative purposes and has no legal force)


INTERIM/FINAL REPORT TEMPLATE Research Activity ?d=Interim_research_sustainability_upd_2016.doc

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